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Einstein's Dreams Summary
Alan Lightman

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Einstein's Dreams Summary

Plot Summary

Einstein's Dreams chronicles the dreams of Albert Einstein between April 14 and June 28, 1905, as he develops his theory of time as part of his theory of relativity. Each dream envisions a different world, with time behaving in a different way. The stories explore the relationships between people and time, an essential part of the human condition.

The story begins with Einstein in the patent office where he works, waiting for the typist who will type up his theory of time. Einstein has been dreaming about time every night. Einstein's dreams cast time in every conceivable form. He dreams that time is a circle, that time can flow backwards in isolated rivulets, and that time branches outward in parallel worlds.

In each alternate world with a different time, time affects how people live. People in one world choose to live regimented by mechanical time or by their body's fluid time...

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