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There is only one motivation for any human, and that is the self. Every human lives, and breathes so that he or she may be happier. In this world all happiness is linked ultimately with materialistic ... Read more
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Globalization refers to the tendency of a movement towards a worldwide investment environment and the integration of national markets through the break down of protectionist barriers. In 1949 Peoples... Read more
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In the Past Month, China and its economy have experienced tensions in the worldwide scheme of things. The EU's 15 year long Embargo on Weapons to China since the 1989 (crackdown on protesters in Tiana... Read more
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In China, the price paid for their economic status turned out to be too high. In 1953 (before nationalism was fully accomplished) the Chinese started up a major industrialization plan called the Five ... Read more
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The Chinese Economy The People's Republic of China is one of the world's largest countries, located on the eastern boarder of Asia within range of North Korea and Vietnam. Being the 4th largest count... Read more
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