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East Timor CAPITAL: Dili FLAG: The national flag is rectangular. Two isosceles triangles, the bases of which form the left edge and overlap each other. One triangle is black and its height is equal to... Read more
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East Timor: the Path of Democracy for the World's Newest Nation The Conflict In 1999 East Timor erupted in bloodshed following a vote for independence. East Timor had been ruled by Indonesia, a... Read more
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East Timor East Timor is Southeast Asia's newest independent country of approximately 925,000 inhabitants. Situated on the eastern half of the Timor Island, and also including a small enclave o... Read more
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East Timor POPULATION 792,000ROMAN CATHOLIC 94.6 percentOTHER 5.4 percent Country Overview Introduction The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (the Portuguese term for "East Timor")... Read more
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