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Earthborn Summary
Orson Scott Card

Everything you need to understand or teach Earthborn by Orson Scott Card.

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Earthborn Summary

Plot Summary

Earthborn, the fifth and final book of Orson Scott Card's Homecoming Saga is a fictional study of personality and religion, set in a far future version of Earth where humanity is struggling to come to terms with their own history and their place in the universe.

Earthborn starts from the narrative of Akma, the first son of an outcast priest called Akmaro whose family is held in captivity by a tribe of humanity called the Elemaki. The story follows Akma and his sister's humiliation at the hands of his oppressors, and introduces the figure of Didul, one of the sons of his oppressors.

Elsewhere, the free tribe of humanity, the Nafari, are ruled over by the wise King Motiak, whose youngest children Mon and Edhadeya start exhibiting rare abilities. Edhadeya experiences True Dreams (or visions) of the enslaved Akma and his family, and Mon's Truthsense allows him to...

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