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Conduct Disorder and Drug Use A behavior pattern characterized by such behaviors as stealing, violence, running away from home, and truancy occurs in about 10 percent of children under 16 years of age... Read more
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Coping and Drug Use Coping is the capacity to surmount negative emotional states, including ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, anger, loneliness, and alienation. These aversive states are induced by internal psycho... Read more
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Cults and Drug Use The relationship between cults and drug use is complex and contradictory. Traditionally, cults are groups that diverge from major religions or that form new philosophical/religious ... Read more
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Disease Concept of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Throughout most of recorded history, excessive use of ALCOHOL was viewed as a willful act leading to intoxication and other sinful behaviors. The Bible war... Read more
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Drug Abuse Reporting Program (Darp) The Drug Abuse Reporting Program began in 1969 as a comprehensive data system that included intake and during-treatment information on individuals entering drug tre... Read more
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Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Studies (Datos) This family of studies is designed to provide comprehensive information on continuing and new questions about the effectiveness of the drug-abuse treatment... Read more
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Drug Interaction and the Brain When two or more drugs are taken at the same time complex interactions may occur. Drugs can interact to change biological functions within the body through PHARMACOKINET... Read more
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Education and Prevention American adolescents increased their use of most illicit substances throughout the 1990s after a significant drop in the previous decade, and in 1999 Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey... Read more
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Epidemics of Drug Abuse Hearing the word epidemic, one often thinks first of the flu, measles, the ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME (AIDS), or some other contagious disease spreading through a commu... Read more
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Families and Drug Use One major debate in the area of families and drug use continues to be whether dysfunctional family life creates drug addiction or whether drug addiction produces dysfunctional fa... Read more
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Gender and Complications of Substance Abuse Does gender have an in-fluence on whether a drug has complications? There is limited research available to answer this question, for many studies include me... Read more
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Italy, Drug Use In In Italy, the impact of illicit drug use was first felt on a broad scale during the mid-1960s. The patterns in Italy were similar to those seen in other European countries. They see... Read more
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Personality as a Risk Factor for Drug Abuse The term personality refers to those relatively enduring aspects of attitudes, feelings, responses, and behaviors that permit us to recognize a particular p... Read more
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Polydrug Abuse This term refers to the common observation that individuals who are considered drug abusers often abuse more than one type of drug. Almost all drug abusers smoke NICOTINE cigarettes and... Read more
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Poverty and Drug Use One of the most popular stereotypes about drug use is that it is more prevalent among the poor. In fact, a lack of money—in itself—does not seem to be associated wit... Read more
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Productivity: Effects of Drugs On Concern about drug use in the U.S. workforce has focused on the most common illicit drugs—COCAINE and MARIJUANA—although also common is the nonmedical u... Read more
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Social Costs of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Drinking, smoking, and the use of psychotropic drugs have a variety of consequences for those who partake of them, for their families and associates, and for soc... Read more
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Substance Abuse and Aids AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: AIDS is a life-threatening disease that results from severe damage to part of the body's cellular immune system&#x20... Read more
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Terry & Pellens Study In a time when the use of many drugs is illegal in the United States and the public is inundated with information on such drug use, it is probably surprising that this set... Read more
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World Health Organization Expert Committee on Drug Dependence The World Health Organization (WHO) originated from a proposal at the first United Nations (U.N.) conference held in San Francisco in 1945... Read more
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Complications from Injecting Drugs Many injectable drugs are used for medical purposes. Some of these prescription drugs are used illegally, as are a variety of street drugs. Illegal and abused inject... Read more
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Costs of Substance Abuse and Dependence, Economic Substance abuse and dependence on substances continue to be major health problems in the United States. The abuse of alcohol and drugs costs the natio... Read more
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Drug and Alcohol Use Among the Elderly Elderly people are the fastest-growing segment of the world population, and they consume about 25 percent of all the medicines prescribed. Because aging causes c... Read more
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Drugs of Abuse Drugs that are used and abused by humans for nonmedical purposes can be grouped into several major categories. The drugs in each category have similar effects on the user, even though t... Read more
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Families and Drug Use Have you ever questioned which came first: the chicken or the egg? That age-old question is much like the dilemma experts grapple with: Do problems in family life lead to drug ad... Read more
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Gender and Substance Abuse Does gender have an influence on whether abuse of a drug causes complications? Because many early studies of substance abuse were only of male subjects, this question long w... Read more
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Medical Emergencies and Death from Drug Abuse Each year, thousands of individuals of all ages visit hospital emergency departments due to medical problems stemming from drug abuse. Sometimes they die ... Read more
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Poverty and Drug Use Do the poor use drugs more frequently than other economic groups? While many people would answer "yes" to that question, research indicates that a lack of money alon... Read more
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Risk Factors for Substance Abuse What makes a person abuse drugs? Some people never use drugs, even if drugs are easy for them to obtain. Others use drugs occasionally or regularly for years but never... Read more
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Substance Abuse and Aids AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a life-threatening disease that results from severe damage to part of the body's immune system. This system serves as a def... Read more
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Drugs and Vietnam The use of drugs by the American military in Vietnam was not a recognizable problem during the early stages of the war. However, as the conflict dragged on, drug use among the troops... Read more
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Drug Abuse Drug abuse has been a major social problem in the United States for almost a century and we are now in the second decade of a continuing war on drugs. Drug abuse is a health and criminal ju... Read more
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IN LOS ANGELES a twenty-something fashion photographer goes to the Room, a back-alley bar with no sign over its entrance. Around midnight a man walks in and hands the photographer a packet of heroin i... Read more
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The goal of reducing drug abuse has shaped some of the U.S. government's most uncompromising policies. From the strict surveillance of the U.S.- Mexican border to national antidrug advertising campaig... Read more
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“Although addiction is the result of voluntary drug use, addiction is no longer voluntary behavior, it’s uncontrollable behavior.” —Alan Leshner, director of the National Insti... Read more