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Dragonsong Summary

Dragonsong, one of the novels in the Pern series, is both an adventure tale and the story of a young woman finding a place for herself in her world. The overarching theme of the series is the strength of love, most dazzlingly embodied in the telepathic bond between a dragon and its rider. Scarcely less important is McCaffrey's portrayal of the seamless web of a society; one's talents and desires must be realized in the context of social responsibilities. Failure here can bring consequences as dire as destruction of the planet's life forms.

But the world also provides ways for an individual's dreams and gifts to blossom in whatever social setting will best nurture them.

All these themes are present in Dragonsong, which relates the story of Menolly. She has grown up in an iso lated seahold, whose practical fisherfolk see no value in the music she loves...

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