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Dragonflight Trilogy Summary
Anne McCaffrey

Everything you need to understand or teach Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey.

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Dragonflight Trilogy Summary

Plot Summary

In a world where dragons and men coexist, Weyrleader F'lar and his Weyrwoman, Lessa, push past personal differences and work together to save Pern from deadly spores known as Threads that fall to the ground with the Red Star's orbital passing. In the past, six Weyrs filled with weyrfolk, dragons and their riders fought this alien invasion using dragon flames to sear the Threads before they reached the ground. Yet, as the threat draws near, five of six Weyrs sit empty, leaving F'lar, Lessa, and a handful of dragons and dragonmen of Benden Weyr to save all of Pern. The two turn to the ancient Ballads, Traditions and Records for help. When Lessa accidentally visits the past while learning to fly her dragon queen, they believe the answer to the Question Song is to fly dragons between times to the past in order to seed the dragon population...

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Dragonflight Trilogy Study Guide

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