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Jane Yolen

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Dragonfield Summary

Yolen's dragon stories are among her best, and she experiments with different ways of looking at dragons. In "Dragonfield," collected in Here There Be Dragons, she presents a fairly traditional European-style dragon, full of fire and fury, with the principal interest of the story focused on how people react to a dragon suddenly appearing in their otherwise placid community.

Yolen says that, "I wanted to write a story in which the hero knows himself not to be a hero, and the audience knows him not to be a hero, and yet he is a hero despite it all." This antihero is Lancot, a great muscular, handsome man who is terrified of dragons and most other dangerous things.

Yolen combines this interest in a hero who is afraid rather than heroic with her lifelong interest in kites. Her father was a champion kite maker and set a record for...

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