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Discover the Destroyer Summary
K. A. Applegate

Everything you need to understand or teach Discover the Destroyer by K. A. Applegate.

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Discover the Destroyer Summary

Everworld is filled with wonders such as giant gods, knives that can cut through anything, and even, somewhere, a being so fearsome that he eats gods. Discover the Destroyer increases the wonder, displaying a land of greedy fairies, a dragon larger than a small town, and rubies that replace hearts. Applegate's achievement in Discover the Destroyer is occasionally astonishing, always entertaining, and often funny. Indeed, despite the chaos and destruction that seem to be permanent companions of David, Christopher, April, and Jalil, Discover the Destroyer may be the funniest novel of the "Everworld" series. In any case, the teenagers try to cope with finding jobs, studying for exams, and avoiding being eaten, burned, or fed to Ka Anor, the god eater, whose presence is closer than ever before.

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