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The Physicists Summary
Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Everything you need to understand or teach Die Physiker by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

  • The Physicists Summary & Study Guide

The Physicists Summary

Plot Summary

The Physicists starts with the murder of a nurse in Les Cerisiers, a European mental institution. Inspector Richard Voss and the local police force investigate the murder scene, which is the drawing room of a villa within Les Cerisiers. This villa is the home of three mental patients who believe they are great physicists.

A man named Ernesti killed the nurse. Ernesti believes he is Albert Einstein, and he frequently plays the violin as the real Einstein did. This has been the second murder of a nurse at the same villa. Three months ago a man named Beutler, who believes himself to be Sir Isaac Newton, killed a nurse. The Inspector cannot arrest anyone because they are legally insane and the residing Doktor, Fraulein Mathilde Von Zahnd, has a very sympathetic and blameless approach with her mental patients.

The third physicist, named Johann Mobius, believes he is visited...

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The Physicists Study Guide

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