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Dictee Summary
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

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Dictee Summary


Unnamedappears in Dictee

Throughout "Dictee" the majority of the characters are simply an unidentified female. The author does not specify if this "she" is supposed to be the same or different women. It is unknown if it should even be viewed as an individual or as the embodiment of women. In the Opening, she comes from far, and at dinner her family asks about her first day. She answers "there is but one there... there is someone." In "Diseuse," she mimics the gestures of speaking with her mouth, but the breath falls away. She gathers her strength and remains in this position as the pain of speech fosters inside of her. She swallows in preparation. It augments, and she swallows against the pain that wishes it to speak. She allows others to occupy her barren cavities. There might be an echo when the amplification stops, and then she...

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