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Design for Dying Summary
Timothy Leary

Everything you need to understand or teach Design for Dying by Timothy Leary.

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Design for Dying Summary


Design for Dying was published in the United States in 1997, a year after Timothy Leary died. Although most of the book is written from Leary's point of view, R. U. Sirius played a major part in editing it, shaping various essays and notes of Leary's into a coherent text. Sirius's voice is as prominent as Leary's. The book resembles a casebook in form, with three major sections labeled "Living," "Dying," and "Designer Dying," and an addendum. Each section is further broken down into short chapters with headings such as "Drugs,' ' "Death is the Ultimate Trip," "The Cryonics Option," and so forth. Leary expounds on his theories, reflects on his experiences, and offers advice on independent living and dying. The addendum contains Leary's friends' and acquaintances' reflections on Leary, including their favorite memories of him. These eulogizers constitute a veritable index of the American counterculture of the last...

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