Demons and Shadows Summary
Robert Westall

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Demons and Shadows Summary

The stories contained in Demons and Shadows possess all the qualities of fantasy/ science fiction as well as realistic fiction. In these writings, set in England a generation ago, the reader experiences the frightening and supernatural through the eyes of realistic characters, including shopkeepers, graveyard superintendents, school teachers, teenagers, and shy ladies, each with their own eccentricities. Westall's narration takes the reader inside the minds of his characters, including the demons and unnamed supernatural creatures. The reader feels a creature's driving hunger to eat away at the memories of its victim as well as the malevolent nature of a corpse who desecrates graves. Readers share the transformation of Maude, a shy young woman, who discovers that when she puts on supernatural spectacles, she gains great insight into others, becomes assertive, and gains the ability to lure men. Other stories realistically reflect the confusion of adolescents as they gain...

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