Death Shall Overcome Summary
Emma Lathen

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Death Shall Overcome Summary

Greed is the unifying theme in Death Shall Overcome. In a sense, the Lathen novels are variations on a theme well articulated in Chaucer's "Pardoner's Tale," in which greed leads to the murder of the three principals. Lathen's personal variation on the theme is to explore the effect of greed on Americans who work for economic institutions, especially those closely connected with or influenced by the New York financial community. Such a province leaves few institutions off limits to the imaginations of Mary Jane Latsis and Martha Henissart, the authors behind the pen-name Emma Lathen. By choice, they have declared hands off the university and the publishing industry. Perhaps they have chosen to do so because the university has been so well done by others including the impressive Kate Fansler novels of Amanda Cross (Professor Carolyn Heilbrun) and because the publishing industry may be beyond anyone's scope.


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