The Heritage of Hastur Summary
Marion Zimmer Bradley

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The Heritage of Hastur Summary

In her concern to free both the individual and the community from a repressive traditionalism and a repressive technology alike, Bradley asserts two themes — the nature of power and the nature of bonding—both for the individual and the society. Both individuals and the community must reject a dead authoritarianism, either of tradition or technology, and come to terms with the power which is within everyone—symbolized by laran, the psychic powers which people can waken and utilize in order to enhance their own selfhood and enrich their community or circle. In questioning the power of the Comyn system over them—Regis's grandfather and Lew's father, Lord Alton-Regis, and Lew establish their own adult identity and neutralize the threat posed by Robert Kadarin, the tendency to trade an authoritarian hierarchy for subjugation to a charismatic leader's ambition. Bradley's theme is conceptualized in the Sharra...

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