Dark but Full of Diamonds Summary
Katie Letcher Lyle

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Dark but Full of Diamonds Summary

Dark but Full of Diamonds concerns issues of love, loss, and growing up.

With humor, honesty, and insight, this novel presents the story of Scott Dabney, a young man of sixteen in a southern town, deeply in love with a somewhat older young woman who eventually marries his father, a doctor. Scott's mother died when he was twelve, and he projects some of his yearnings for her onto his sexy and talented young teacher, Hilah. Coming to terms with his sexual feelings, his grief and confusion concerning his mother's death, his hostile feelings towards his father, and his yearning to reconnect with his visions of happiness in his past, before his mother died, are all central to Scott's inner life.

Scott narrates his own story, allowing us to see his life from his own perspective. He is smart, witty, popular and talented, but he is also driven, haunted...

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