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Dark Life: Book 1 Summary
Kat Falls

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Dark Life: Book 1 Summary

Plot Summary

Dark Life is the story of Ty, a teenage boy living under the sea. He meets Gemma, a teenage girl from the land, who has gone under the water searching for her brother. When an outlaw group called the Seablite Gang attacks a homestead, Ty and Gemma get more involved than they would like with the attempt to capture the bandits. They find out that Shade is actually Gemma's brother, who can change his appearance thanks to his 'Dark Gift.' Ty also has a Dark Gift that he has been keeping secret, which he decides to reveal to the other settlers in order to save Shade's life. When the settlers are caught in the Trade Station as it floods, Ty uses his Dark Gift to call to a pod of dolphins to save them all.

Ty is the first child to be born under the ocean. He...

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