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Dark Force Rising Summary
Timothy Zahn

Everything you need to understand or teach Dark Force Rising by Timothy Zahn.

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Dark Force Rising Summary

Plot Summary

The middle novel in a trilogy, Dark Force Rising follows Grand Admiral Thrawn and the warriors of the New Republic as they race to control the long-lost and highly coveted dreadnaughts of the Katana fleet ("Dark Force"). In desperate need of new warships in great quantity, Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn has raided the Sluis Van space station and implicated New Republic Admiral Ackbar in possible treason. Thrawn hunts the notorious smuggler turned information-peddler, Talon Karrde, to locate likely ships. Han Solo is the first survivor of Sluis Van to return to Coruscant, where he reveals that the Empire is headed by a Grand Admiral who has perfected cloaking. The situation is grave.

The friends spread out to find information vindicating Ackbar. Han and Lando, via New Cov, meet Senator Bel Iblis, who has been fighting an independent war against the Empire. They try to convince him to join...

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