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Dante and the Lobster Summary
Samuel Beckett

Everything you need to understand or teach Dante and the Lobster by Samuel Beckett.

  • Dante and the Lobster Summary & Study Guide

Dante and the Lobster Summary


"Dante and the Lobster," published by London's Chatto and Windus in the 1934 collection More Pricks than Kicks, is in many ways the first important work of Samuel Beckett's illustrious, and ultimately Nobel prize-winning, career. An early version of the story was published in 1932, but in its final form "Dante and the Lobster" provides a fitting and enlightening introduction to Beckett's body of work. Most of his important themes are here: aimlessness, the desire not to act but rather to wait, and the ultimate meaninglessness and futility of existence.

These themes are in their infancy in this story, though, and the story is deeply indebted to Beckett's then-mentor, the Irish writer James Joyce. Where Beckett's later work is constricted and ruthlessly stripped-down, "Dante and the Lobster" takes place in a recognizable place (Dublin) and boasts a protagonist who has yet to descend to the levels of the tramps and decrepit...

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