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Theatre of the Absurd Essay Theatre of the Absurd employs concepts of waiting, doubt and uncertainty to account for its blinding originality in exploiting th... Read more
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P.D. James has stated that the reason why detective fiction like hers are popular is that "in an age when we are forever seeing images of death on a large scale, death's that we can do nothing about, ... Read more
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In crime fiction stories, the detective is the main riving force as he or she deciphers through clues and dangerous situations and solves the crime and punishing the wrong doers. However, there would ... Read more
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The dictionary defines genre as a ."..kind, type, esp. a style or category of painting, novel, film etc. characterised by a particular form or purpose." The conventions of a particular genre are the i... Read more
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Crime Fiction has long been revered for its ability to reflect societal values and entertain readers. It is also the mystery that is inherent to the genre that has secured its popularity. PD James' Th... Read more
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"Whilst there is a definite recipe for crime fiction it is flexible enough to allow individual composers to be creative and make their message clear." "Genre is merely defined by conventions used in ... Read more
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