Coyote Waits Summary
Tony Hillerman

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Coyote Waits Summary

Lt. Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee appear for the fourth time as an awkwardly-paired team in Coyote Waits. More accustomed to working together by this time, they have each learned to adjust to the other's very different methods and point of view.

Janet Pete, home from Washington and working in Albuquerque with the reservation legal system, seems well on her way to becoming a permanent part of Hillerman's cast of characters in the Navajo novels. Her relationship with Jim Chee is growing, although their association is still marked by some distrust and awkwardness. Once again, they clash when Janet is assigned to defend the elderly Navajo who quite clearly appears to be guilty of shooting Chee's friend and colleague, Officer Delbert Nez.

Professor Louisa Bourebonette, anthropologist and longtime friend of Ashie Pinto, who has been arrested for the Nez murder, at first irritates Leaphorn who feels initially...

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