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Cosmicomics Summary
Italo Calvino

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Cosmicomics Summary


Qfwfqappears in The Distance of the Moon, At Daybreak, A Sign in Space, All

Qfwfq is an eternal and abstract character who lives throughout all the ages of the universe and exists in many different places at many different times. Sometimes he is an animal, sometimes a person or sometimes an abstract entity. Qfwfq is constantly falling in love and pursuing love. He is self-consciously fearful of the judgment of others, and he is competitive against his rivals in both love and play. He is also consistently a harbinger of change in the universe as it evolves.

In "The Distance of the Moon," "All at One Point," "Without Colors," "The Aquatic Uncle," "The Dinosaurs," and "The Spiral," Qfwfq is in love with an unattainable woman. The changes in the universe wrench him from his loves. Mrs. Vhd Vhd is taken from him by the retreating moon. His love...

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