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Conversations of Socrates Summary

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Conversations of Socrates Summary

Plot Summary

Xenophon of Athens (430-354 BC) was an ancient Greek associate of Socrates, the great philosopher. Socrates wrote none of his own thoughts and activities down, leaving that to his associates. Plato is Socrates's most famous chronicler. Xenophon is another great chronicler of the life and ideas of Socrates, though his history of Socrates' activities is widely considered less reliable, poorly written and overall less interesting. Xenophon was, however, considered a great historian and wrote on a wide number of topics. The 'Conversations of Socrates' is a compilation of Xenophon's most important Socratic writings, including four of his five Socratic works: Socrates' Defense, Memoirs of Socrates, The Dinner-Party and the Estate-Manager.

The editor of the texts, Robin Waterfield, argues that Xenophon's works are historically significant because it is a perspective other than Plato's on Socrates. Xenophon's Socratic writings show a Socrates from a different perspective and help scholars of...

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