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Communism and Anticommunism Since the Russian Revolution in 1917, the conflict between communism and anticommunism has played a significant role in shaping American society and culture. The Red Scare ... Read more
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The Soviet Union Promotes Rapid Technological Development in the Communist Ideology Overview In the early twentieth century, Russia and her republics experienced tremendous political and cultural uphe... Read more
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Communism Overview History Theory in Depth Theory in Action Analysis and Critical Response Topics for Further Study Bibliography See Also Overview Communism is a political and economic system in... Read more
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Communism Originally outlined by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in The Communist Manifesto (1848), Communism is a social and political system in which all property is owned communally and all wealth d... Read more
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Communism The word Communism has been used in different senses by different authors, but from 1917 onward it was most readily associated with the type of political and economic system established in R... Read more
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Communism The voluntary disbanding of the communist state of the Soviet Union in 1991 was the practical defeat of a certain theory of communism as the economic, social, and political antithesis and op... Read more
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The Birth of Soviet Communism The Influence of Lenin Stalin Takes Command The Five-Year Plans Agricultural Reform The Transformation of Soviet Society The Great Purge World War II Postwar Stalinism K... Read more