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Colonial American Travel Narratives Summary

Everything you need to understand or teach Colonial American Travel Narratives by Various.

  • Colonial American Travel Narratives Summary & Study Guide

Colonial American Travel Narratives Summary

Plot Summary

"Colonial American Travel Narratives" is a collection of four pieces of writing by colonists living in America between 1675 and 1744. The narratives give a cross section of perspectives from people of different backgrounds writing at different points in America's colonial history. They also provide insight into the ways in which colonial society changed over this time period as settlement, trade and religious ideas expanded.

In an introduction entitled "Mapping American Life," editor Wendy Martin provides historical context for the four narratives, relating the changes that took place as the colonies moved from a largely rural society to one with increasingly larger commercial centers and towns. She also charts the changing nature of travel as an affluent class of colonials emerged.

The first narrative in the collection is that of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson who was taken captive in 1675 by a band of Native Americans who raided the village of Lancaster...

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