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Cocaine The abuse of cocaine has become a major public-health problem in the United States since the 1970s. During that period it emerged from relative obscurity, described by experts as a harmless re... Read more
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Crack Crack (sometimes called crack-co-caine) is an illicit drug, the smokable form of CO-CAINE, made by adding the bases ammonia or baking soda and water to cocaine hydrochloride. The white powder il... Read more
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Cocaine The abuse of cocaine is a major public-health problem in the United States. In the 1970s, people began taking cocaine as a recreational drug. Experts believed that cocaine was harmless. Many m... Read more
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Cocaine: Withdrawal The signs and symptoms of withdrawal from depressant drugs, such as alcohol or heroin, are much easier to recognize than the symptoms of withdrawal from the stimulant drug cocaine... Read more
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Cocaine Treatment: Behavioral Approaches In the medical community, there is no general agreement as to the best way to treat cocaine dependence. This is alarming given that in 2000, an estimated 1.2 m... Read more
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Crack Crack (sometimes called crack cocaine) is the form of cocaine that is smoked. The white powder that people buy illegally as cocaine cannot be smoked, because it is destroyed at the temperatures ... Read more
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Cocaine OFFICIAL NAMES: Powder cocaine, crack cocaine STREET NAMES: Base, Bernice, blow, "C", coke, dream, dust, flakes, nose candy, Peruvian marching powder, powder, rock, stardust, sno... Read more
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Cocaine/Crack Erythroxlon coca, a shrub indigenous to the upper jungles of the Andes mountains in South America, has been consumed for millennia by the various Indian tribes that have inhabited the re... Read more
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Cocaine For centuries, Peruvian natives have chewed the leaves of the coca plant because of their stimulating and exhilarating effect. In 1855 the German Gaedicke isolated the active alkaloid in coca ... Read more
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Cocaine What Kind of Drug Is It? Cocaine is a natural substance that comes from the leaves of the coca (pronounced KOH-kuh) plant. This plant should not be confused with the cocoa (pronounced KOH-koh)... Read more
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Once considered a harmless source of pleasure and therapeutic benefit, today the drug cocaine is vilified as the cause of great misery and suffering for many who have succumbed to its euphoric effects... Read more