Cloudy-Bright Summary
John Rowe Townsend

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Cloudy-Bright Summary

Cloudy-Bright realistically deals with the beginning of a romance. Sam and Jenny are multidimensional people who, with seemingly little in common, stumblingly explore each other's characters. Their only initial common ground is Jenny's expensive camera, which she does not know how to use.

Sam needs a camera and can show Jenny how to use hers. The book challenges readers to explore Sam and Jenny's motivations and actions.

Townsend renders a straightforward portrayal of the rocky start of a relationship. The first kiss is not overdramatized; it is a peck on the cheek.

The characters react with familiar feelings of confusion and embarrassment mingled with pleasure. The low points of Sam and Jenny's meetings, such as the morning at Stratford-upon-Avon, lead them to solve their problems by facing and overcoming their pride and insensitivity to each other's needs. In this way, they become more tolerant of, and learn more...

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