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2,768 words, approx. 10 pages
In the following review, Wright praises Alegría's poetic accomplishments as well as her commitment to political and social justice. With this volume [Flowers from the Volcano], Salvadora... Read more
2,750 words, approx. 10 pages
In the following essay, Alegría discusses her childhood, the pressures of living in exile, and the difficulty of translating poetry. [FORCHÉ]: Gabriel Garcia Márquez has stated th... Read more
978 words, approx. 4 pages
In the following favorable review of Women of the River, Vollmer lauds Alegría 's ability to appeal to a wide audience while preserving an "uncanny intimacy " with readers.... Read more
3,118 words, approx. 11 pages
In the following excerpt, Saltz maintains that Luisa in Realityland qualifies as a "poststructural text," connects it to the tradition of insurgent political literature in Latin America,... Read more
5,955 words, approx. 20 pages
In the following essay, McGowan examines the visionary nature of Luisa in Realityland and praises Alegría's ability to find new ways of expressing ideas and experiences. Claribel Alegr&#... Read more
3,984 words, approx. 14 pages
In the following essay, Boschetto-Sandoval relates Luisa in Realityland to women 's testimonials and contends that Alegría constructs literary relationships with her readers in order to ... Read more
5,289 words, approx. 18 pages
In the following essay, Engelbert asserts that Alegría utilizes the conventions of Hispanic funereal poetry to lament the death and suffering in El Salvador. In his book on Jorge Manrique, Pedr... Read more