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Marion Zimmer Bradley

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City of Sorcery Summary

The publication of Thendara House in 1983 and its 1984 sequel, City of Sorcery, mark the highpoint of the Darkover series for many readers. Set during the Golden Age of Darkoverian development, the period of friendship between Darkover and Terra, the two novels depict the partnership of Darkoverian and Thendaran women on Darkover, where their search for intergalactic harmony parallels a quest for bonding and self-knowledge, which can be brought about only by fusion of the two systems. This transcendence, however, is fleeting; shortly afterwards Darkover and its ruling Hastur dynasty are plunged into a period of conservative forgetfulness in which this promise is forgotten.

As a team of Terran and Darkoverian women seeks a fabled lost city where a perfected individual and human community is realized, the visionary ideal of a Utopian sisterhood becomes a possibility. In this city, glimpsed sparkling in the frozen wastelands...

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