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The Voyages of Christopher Columbus: European Contact with the New World and the Age of Exploration Overview In A.D. 1000, Viking Norsemen commanded by Leif Eriksson (fl. eleventh century) landed on t... Read more
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Christopher Columbus 1451-1506 Italian Explorer If there is any explorer who, in the eyes of most Americans, seems to need no introduction, it is Christopher Columbus. Yet few figures in history have ... Read more
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Columbus, Christopher 1451 Genoa, Italy May 20, 1506 Valladolid, Spain Italian explorer Portrait: Christopher Columbus. Reproduced by permission of Corbis-Bettmann. "Thirty-three days af... Read more
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"Christopher Columbus Reports to Ferdinand and Isabella" by Christopher Columbus "Christopher Columbus Reports to Ferdinand and Isabella" Reprinted in Major Problems of Ame... Read more
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Christopher Columbus Born 1451, Genoa, Italy Died May 20, 1506, Valladolid, Spain The life of Christopher Columbus is one of contrasts—great triumphs marked by even greater defeats. Despite Co... Read more