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Chocolates Summary
Louis Simpson

Everything you need to understand or teach Chocolates by Louis Simpson.

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Chocolates Summary


"Chocolates" appears in Louis Simpson's collection of poetry Caviare at the Funeral in Section Three, directly after the title poem. Both the title poem, "Caviare at the Funeral," and "Chocolates," reference or feature Russian writer Anton Chekhov, the nineteenth-century playwright and fiction writer known for his realistic portrayals of Russian life. Simpson's idea of poetry as primarily a narrative act that details the real lives of people matches Chekhov's own idea of what makes effective writing. "Chocolates" is a narrative poem that recounts a true story about people who go to visit Chekhov. After struggling to make conversation, the group livens after Chekhov asks them if they like chocolates.

In his essay "Chocolates" from his Selected Prose, Simpson writes that he was at a friend's house reading the daily newspaper when something sparked his memory of hearing about the incident on which the poem is based. Simpson says that...

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