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Chemistry is a branch of physical science. Chemistry is the study of the composition, properties and behavior of matter and is mostly concerned with atoms and their interactions with other atoms.

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Chemistry The field of chemistry requires the use of computers in a multitude of ways. Primarily, computers are useful for storing vast amounts of data for the researcher or student to use. From facts... Read more
823 words, approx. 3 pages
Chemistry Chemistry deals with the study of the properties and reactions of atoms and molecules. In particular, chemistry deals with reaction processes and the energy transition. Major divisions of ch... Read more
922 words, approx. 4 pages
Chemistry Chemistry is the science that studies why materials have their characteristic properties, how these particular qualities relate to their simplest structure, and how these properties can be m... Read more
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Sonochemistry Sonochemistry involves the study of chemical changes that occur as the direct result of sound or ultrasound waves traveling through either a homogeneous or heterogeneous liquid medium. T... Read more
806 words, approx. 3 pages
Chemistry Chemistry is the science that studies the properties and composition of matter, the changes in composition and structure that occur, and the energy phenomena accompanying these changes. The ... Read more
3,620 words, approx. 13 pages
Chemistry After physics, chemistry is often considered the paradigmatic modern science. The ethical issues associated with chemistry and chemical technologies have nevertheless been more diffuse and l... Read more
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