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Do Finite Element Studies Have Limited Usefulness, as They Are Not Validated by Experimental Data? Viewpoint: Yes, finite element studies have limited usefulness because they produce idealized data th... Read more
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Chemical Elements By the end of the nineteenth century, the elements and matter comprising all things could no long be viewed as immutable. The dramatic rise of scientific methodology and experimentat... Read more
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Element, Chemical A chemical element is a fundamental substance of the material world. Each element has an identity; for example, gold consists of only gold atoms, and a gold atoms is unlike any other... Read more
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Tetratomic Molecules of tetratomic elements contain four atoms. Elements are substances that cannot be chemically broken into two or more pure substances. Examples of elements include carbon, hydrogen... Read more
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Chemical Element A chemical element is a substance that cannot be changed, broken down, or decomposed by ordinary chemical or physical methods into a simpler form. A chemical element is composed of at... Read more
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Elements 104-112 Prior to the atomic age, scientists believed uranium was the heaviest element with an atomic number of 92. However, this was shown to be wrong because a number of transuranium element... Read more
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Elements, Chemical In chemistry, the term element applies to any substance that can not be reduced by ordinary physical or chemical means to a simpler form. Thus, lead is an element because no method ... Read more
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