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Chartbreaker Summary

Chartbreaker examines serious issues of identity, manipulation, and family tension through a compelling look at a teenage runaway's rise to fame with a rock band. The band's name is "Kelp" and the runaway is its only female member, the seventeen-year-old singer known professionally as Finch. The ideas are channeled through Finch, who tells the story believably with exciting intensity. Within the framework of a star's memoir, she describes her unhappy schoolgirl life as Janis Mary Finch, and her escape at sixteen into a cutthroat world of agents, performers, music producers, and critics.

Finch describes memorable characters, vivid encounters, and pivotal moments of battling to survive in the highly competitive climate of popular music.

The biggest challenge for Finch is singer Christie Joyce, Kelp's mercilessly manipulative leader. While Finch struggles increasingly with a complex, enslaving attraction to Christie, he uses every means at his disposal to keep her emotionally...

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