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Joseph Conrad

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Chance Summary

The principal theme, chance, is amply illustrated both explicitly and implicitly in the novel. The many chances each of the characters have are folded into Marlow's newfound or newly formulated philosophy which he expresses to Powell near the novel's end: Reminding Powell that they got to know each other by chance, Marlow states, "And the science of life consists in seizing every possible chance that presents itself." Marlow also has altered, very slightly, his position on humanity through his pondering of chance and concludes his lengthy tale by anticipating that Powell and Flora will be married: he says to his listener, "What on earth are you grinning at in this sarcastic manner? I am not afraid of going to church with a friend. Hang it all, for all my belief in Chance I am not exactly a pagan." Chance brings Flora and Marlow together in the country, chance...

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