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Mollie Hunter

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Cat, Herself Summary

Hunter has gained a reputation as one of the most important contemporary Scottish writers of young adult fiction. Cat, Herself, as is the case with many of Hunter's other books, provides readers with insight into Scottish culture and traditions. In particular, it treats a group of homeless "travellers" who are persecuted for the way they live. An adventure-accomplishment romance, the book is essentially a journey novel which culminates in a love story. The novel also explores a variety of social issues, including spouse abuse, discrimination, gender roles, and society's responsibility to the homeless.

The novel is well-written, is full of interesting characters, and has an exciting plot. The protagonist, Cat McPhie, is a strong female character who is determined to be an individual, refusing to be deflected from her desire to perform "male" tasks. The story traces Cat's development as she comes to appreciate her special talents and...

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