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Popular culture is a term which describes how people in a society live. As time elapses, popular culture keeps on evolving and a society's values will consistently transform. In 1719 during the post-r... Read more
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Cast Away A great movie that called Cast Away is about Chuck Noland getting stranded on an island all alone after crashing in a FedEx plane. Chuck is an ordinary person. He works for FedEx and has a... Read more
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The movie "Cast Away" deals with a lot of issues that concern human beings. These include humans being a creation of God, humans being a mixture of earth and divine breath, humans being good, hum... Read more
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The movie Cast Away by Robert Zemeckis is a very passionate and interesting movie. The special effects are very real, how the man feels about everything he does and does not do is real, all in a... Read more
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Surviving Alienation After reading Stephen King's Survivor Type, and watching Robert Zemeckis production of Castaway, I have noticed many similarities in the both the setting and the plot, aside fro... Read more