Carve the Mark Summary
Veronica Roth

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Carve the Mark Overview

In the novel Carve the Mark by Victoria Roth, Akos and Cyra must overcome their differences and work together to achieve their goals. As a leader of the Shotet people, Ryzek (Cyra's brother) has manipulated and mutilated Cyra. For that reason, Cyra joins a group of renegades to take her brother out of power. Akos and his brother Eijeh had been kidnapped by Ryzek from their home in Thuvhe. Now under the service of Cyra, Akos has endeared himself to her. He hopes to get his brother Eijeh out of Ryzek’s service and return him home. Themes in the novel include the power of manipulation, overcoming differences, and the effects of chronic pain.

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