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Carolus Linnaeus was the founder of modern scientific methods for naming plants and animals. Linnaeus, Carolus Botanist 1707-1778 Carolus Linnaeus was born on May 23, 1707, in Råshult, Swe... Read more
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Carolus Linnaeus. Linnaeus, Carolus Swedish Botanist 1707-1778 Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus is best remembered for his classification system and binomial system of nomenclature. He brought... Read more
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Carolus Linnaeus 1707-1778 Swedish Physician and Botanist Carolus Linnaeus established the system of binomial nomenclature and a taxonomical hierarchy in the 1700s. Roundly acclaimed as the first succ... Read more
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LinnÉ, Carl Von (1707-1778) Swedish physician and botanist Carl von Linné (Linnaeus) decisively broke through centuries of confusion over how to revise the classification system that had... Read more