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5,118 words, approx. 18 pages
Jung, C. G. JUNG, C. G. (1875–1961), was the originator of a distinctive variety of depth psychology. Until recently, accounts of the life and work of Carl Gustav Jung had emphasized the strong... Read more
92 words, approx. 1 pages
Carl Gustav Jung 1875-1961 Swiss psychoanalyst, at first a Freudian, but who broke with Freud in 1914 to found "analytic" psychoanalysis. Freud believed that all neurosis is caused by se... Read more
1,134 words, approx. 4 pages
Jung, Carl Gustav Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875–1961), who was born in the village of Kessweil, Switzerland on July 26, and died on June 6 in Zurich was, along with Sigmund Freud (1856&#x... Read more
2,891 words, approx. 10 pages
Jung, Carl Gustav(1875–1961) Carl Gustav Jung, the originator of analytical psychology, was born in Kesswil, Switzerland, studied medicine in Basel, and then became an assistant in psychiatry a... Read more
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