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7,739 words, approx. 26 pages
In the following essay, Reynolds presents an overview of the literature of the gold rush era in California, offering a detailed history of the period and examining how the literature reflected the tim... Read more
3,185 words, approx. 11 pages
In the following excerpt, Berkove and Kowalewski survey the work of writers John Rollin Ridge, Alonzo Delano, Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Clappe, and George Horatio Derby, maintaining that these individ... Read more
2,450 words, approx. 9 pages
In the following essay, Swingle reviews the portrayal of the California gold rush in early fiction, chronicling U.S. as well as foreign works. The California Gold Rush had an appeal, immediate, moneta... Read more
6,887 words, approx. 23 pages
In the following essay, Mann argues that writings about both Hispanic California and gold rush California utilize three types of imagery: wilderness, paradisiacal, and pastoral. During the 1840s and 1... Read more
7,442 words, approx. 25 pages
In the following essay, Rosenberg focuses on gold rush lore, describing three of the most common types of legends: those revolving around the lone prospector, those chronicling the birth and death of ... Read more
8,570 words, approx. 29 pages
In the following essay, Morrow details the birth and growth of the Western local color movement, emphasizing the contributions of such figures as Bret Harte and Mark Twain. The year was 1866. The Civi... Read more
9,215 words, approx. 31 pages
In the following essay, Stoneley focuses on the theme of male-male relationships in the works of Bret Harte and Mark Twain, illustrating how these gold rush writers reflected the changing nature of ho... Read more
14,661 words, approx. 49 pages
In the following essay, Johnson focuses on the Southern Mines of California, suggesting that because of such factors as the ethnic diversity of the region and its “unruly history” (which... Read more
492 words, approx. 2 pages
THE GOLD RUSH The California Gold Rush of 1849 is one of the most interesting events of California's and even the United States. The Gold Rush, in 1848 dynamically changed the small town of San Fran... Read more
340 words, approx. 2 pages
America in the nineteenth century made a startling discovery. While maintaining a mill in California, one of John Sutter's partners found two chunks of shiny stone. After examining it, the partners de... Read more
1,310 words, approx. 5 pages
The discovery of America is based around the quest for lands unknown, the promise of freedom, and, most importantly, gold. Therefore it is no surprise that the discovery of gold in California came to ... Read more
1,487 words, approx. 5 pages
"The California Gold Rush was the significant national event of its time" ("California Gold Rush: A Look to the Past"). This legendary story begins with one man. John Sutter, one of the richest peop... Read more