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Burned Summary
Ellen Hopkins

Everything you need to understand or teach Burned by Ellen Hopkins.

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Burned Summary

Plot Summary

Burned is a young adult novel by Ellen Hopkins, which focuses around the torturous life of Mormon teenager Pattyn von Stratten.

Pattyn is one of several daughters born to Stephen and Janice Von Stratten. Stephen is an abusive drunkard, who regularly beats his wife and drinks heavily. Janice is a slovenly, distant, and cold mother, who doesn't care for her children, leaving the primary tasks of care-giving up to Patty. Patty does as she is told. When a cute boy named Derek becomes attracted to Patty, they must date in secret. Patty also begins drinking, but is found out by her father. Derek breaks up with Patty, gets back together with his ex-girlfriend Carmen, and spreads rumors that Patty is lousy at sex. This causes Patty to punch Carmen in the face, and throw her bookbag through the library window. Stephen is incensed, and sends his daughter off...

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