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Bulimia Nervosa Since 1980, bulimia nervosa has been recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as an autonomous eating disorder. The term bulimia means "an extreme hunger," but ... Read more
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Overeating and Other Excessive Behaviors Overeating, a behavior not always limited to persons with BULIMIA, is grouped together with substance abuse and dependence in a superfamily of disorders design... Read more
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Bulimia Nervosa Definition Bulimia (pronounced bu-LIM-ee-uh) nervosa is a serious and sometimes life-threatening eating disorder that affects primarily young women. Bulimics (people who have bulimia) ... Read more
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Bulimia Nervosa An eating disorder marked by episodes of binge eating followed by one or more behaviors to control weight, most commonly self-induced vomiting, laxative abuse, fasting, or excessive ex... Read more
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In recent years the incidence of bulimia in the United States has increased: The American Psychiatric Association estimates that today 1.1 to 4.2 percent of females will have bulimia in their lifetime... Read more