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Bringing Up Baby Summary
Howard Hawks

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Bringing Up Baby Summary

Summary and Analysis

Bringing Up Baby begins at a museum. Dr. David Huxley is up on a ladder trying to put together a large brontosaurus. He has received a telegram that the last piece he needs will be arriving the next day. He kisses his fiancye, Alice Swallow, who asks him to stop. Professor LaTouche reminds her that they are getting married the next day and suggests they celebrate two wonderful events happening on the same day. He says they're going to celebrate on their honeymoon, but she says that they should stay and finish the dinosaur instead of going on a honeymoon, refusing to let anything get in the way of the work. She suggests that their marriage is a dedication to his work; she thinks the brontosaurus should be their "child."

David has to play golf with Mr. Peabody. Alice reminds him to...

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Bringing Up Baby Film Summary

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