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Breaking Stalin's Nose Summary
Eugene Velchin

Everything you need to understand or teach Breaking Stalins Nose by Eugene Velchin.

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Breaking Stalin's Nose Summary

Plot Summary

"Breaking Stalin's Nose" by Eugene Velchin is the story of Sasha Zaichik, a ten-year-old Russian boy who lives in a commune with his father and forty other Russian citizens. Sasha is enthralled with Communism and he idolizes Comrade Stalin who is the Leader and Teacher. He loves and admires his father who is a hero and works for State Security which is also known as the Secret Police. Sasha writes to Stalin to tell him how much he appreciates his leadership and how grateful he is to live in a Communistic society.

One night, his father is very late in coming home. A neighbor gives him a carrot to eat. He is sure that the kids who live in capitalistic societies are not as fortunate as the children in the USSR are. They do not have fine carrots to eat like he does and there is no chance...

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