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Anatomy of Plants The anatomy of plants relates to the internal structure and organization of the mature plant body, especially the vegetative organs of plants. Cells As in all other organisms, cells ... Read more
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Botany Botany is the study of plants. Plants make up a large fraction of all living organisms, and the study of botany is equally broad, including the physiology, genetics, anatomy, and morphology of ... Read more
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Identification of Plants All known plant species have names. Unfortunately, outside of flower shops and botanical gardens, they do not come with nametags. Therefore, it is often necessary to identify ... Read more
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The Origins of Botany Overview Botany, the study of plants, developed as a science in ancient Greece, with Theophrastus (c. 371-287 B.C.) considered the father of botanical science. But a practical in... Read more
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Botany in the Middle Ages, 700-1449 Overview The ancient Greeks, especially Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) and his pupil Theophrastus (c.370-285 B.C.), made important contributions to botany, the study of p... Read more
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Advances in Botany Overview With the beginning of the Renaissance in the fifteenth century came a new interest in the natural world, including the world of plants. This was manifested in closer observ... Read more
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Advances in Botany Overview The eighteenth century saw the development of a new approach to the study of plants: an experimental approach. Botanists were influenced by the great strides that had been ... Read more
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Advances in Botany Overview During the first half of the twentieth century, several areas of plant science or botany were particularly active fields of research. There was an increase in work on plant... Read more
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Advances in Plant Biology Since 1950 Overview Like many other areas of biology, the study of plants—also called botany—underwent dramatic changes over the past 50 years. Two major and re... Read more
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Botany Botany is the study of plants and includes plant classification, structure, physiology, and economic importance within human society. In the strictest sense, botany is the study of those organi... Read more