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Essays & Analysis (9)

14,248 words, approx. 48 pages
In the following excerpt, Smith discusses the date of composition of Jonah, the nature of its narrative, and its intended purpose; he also provides an exposition of the book. The Book of Jonah is cast... Read more
8,140 words, approx. 28 pages
In the following excerpt, first published in German in 1977, Wolff examines Jonah's place in the Hebrew canon and considers problems involving textual history and the difficulty of assigning th... Read more
3,164 words, approx. 11 pages
In the following excerpt, Blenkinsopp explains Jonah's reluctance to be a prophet and contends that the message of the book is that God's ultimate will is to save mankind. Jonah is fifth... Read more
12,085 words, approx. 41 pages
In the following excerpt, Sasson examines the characteristics of the narrator of the Book of Jonah, explores whether the work is a satire (and, if so, a deliberate satire), and contends that Jonah pla... Read more
4,662 words, approx. 16 pages
In the following essay, Zimmermann contends that some textual problems of the Book of Jonah are the result of a compiler's not having adequately combined two very different traditions. The Book... Read more
9,080 words, approx. 31 pages
In the following excerpt, Limburg discusses Jonah's themes and its place among other books of the Bible, also considering some problems of its genre and date of composition. Jonah Among the Pro... Read more
6,563 words, approx. 22 pages
In the following essay, Kahn examines Jonah's structure, symbolism, and imagery. The Book of Jonah is unique in both form and content. It is one of the smallest books of the Prophets, and it co... Read more
9,009 words, approx. 31 pages
In the following essay, Hamel describes how motifs found in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts also function in Jonah. Naturally, the Book of Jonah must be read, first and last, within its Hebrew con... Read more
28,065 words, approx. 94 pages
In the following excerpt, Marcus lays out a case for Jonah as an anti-prophetic satire, and then advances several different possibilities concerning its main message. The familiar story of the relucta... Read more