Bone Gap Summary
Laura Ruby

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Bone Gap Overview

"Bone Gap" is the story of two brothers, Sean and Finn O'Sullivan, who live in a very small town in the Midwest called Bone Gap. Sean has been taking care of Finn for a few years because their father is dead and their mother ran off to marry a man in Oregon. The people of Bone Gap have sentimental feelings for the boys because their mother left them. When a strange girl named Roza appears on the boys' farm one day, looking battered and bruised, Sean and Finn are kind to her. She stays for awhile until she is kidnapped at a fair one day. Finn is the only one who saw the abduction, but he is unable to provide enough detail to identify and pursue the kidnapper. Most of the people in town say that Roza simply wanted to leave because that happens a lot in Bone Gap, especially to the O'Sullivan brothers. After Roza is gone, the brothers try to maintain their lives, Sean as an EMT, and Finn a high school student preparing for his college entrance exams. Finn begins spending time with Priscilla (Petey) Willis, a girl considered to be unattractive, and he falls in love with her. Petey does some research and learns that Finn has face blindness, which is why he can't recall what Roza's kidnapper looks like and why he is able to fall in love with a homely girl. Finn determines that he will find Roza when all others have stopped. He is able to enter into another magical realm where Roza has been kept against her will by an evil man who demands that she love him and who has kept her because she is beautiful. It is only when Roza slices her face with a jagged piece of mirror that she and Finn are able to escape this other world and return to Bone Gap, where life can continue as before.

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