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Between 1918-1924 the Bolshevik government faced many threats to their leadership, in the end internal factors proved to be more of a danger than factors occurring outside of Russia. It mustn't be for... Read more
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How accurate is the view that there was a tightening of communist control over the USSR between 1921 and the death of Lenin" Picture the scene, 1921, Lenin and the Bolsheviks standing in Petrograd, p... Read more
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Why were the Bolsheviks successful in establishing their authority over Russia from 1917 to 1921" When the Bolsheviks came to power following the October Revolution in 1917, stating, "We shall now be... Read more
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The Russian Civil War, 1918-1920 was a Bolshevik success. This was due mainly to the unity and discipline of the Bolsheviks themselves. They had an astute and shrewd leader, Vladimir Lenin. The Red Ar... Read more
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The Bolshevik Revolution by Ryan Gash The Bolshevik Revolution in the fall of 1917 was a revolt against the provisional government in Russia that was established following the abdication of Czar Nich... Read more
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How Did the Bolsheviks Gain Power" How did the Bolsheviks seize power of the Russia Empire in 1917? They were able to do this as a result of taking advantage of the current political and social situa... Read more