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Body of Evidence Summary
Patricia Cornwell

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Body of Evidence Summary

Plot Summary

Body of Evidence is a detective novel in which Dr. Kay Scarpetta and Lt. Pete Marino sift through clues left by two violent murders and two suicides, with Kay almost becoming the fifth death. Instead, Kay kills in self defense and the manuscript she rescues helps bring down a mob lawyer and reunites Kay with her college sweetheart.

Body of Evidence opens in Richmond, VA, where Beryl Madison, a novelist, is found brutally murdered. Dr. Kay Scarpetta has just completed Beryl's autopsy and goes with Lt. Pete Marino to examine the still gory crime scene. Forensics are analyzed thoroughly and a clue found for why Beryl would flee suddenly to Florida, from whence she has just returned: to escape a stalker.

Kay's ex-lover, Mark James, appears, claiming that Beryl had been involved in a legal dispute involving his firm. Clues lead to clues, and Kay follows them doggedly...

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